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A working refrigeration unit is very important in private households as well as restaurants or other businesses. Engineers from CoolingServices24 have all the knowledge necessary to help you set up a new fridge or a freezer on your property. Proper installation of such equipment is absolutely crucial because these types of machines work continuously without a break. The company carefully examines the client's preferences and chooses the best device possible from renowned suppliers such as Panasonic.

The firm stands out from other refrigeration installers because it offers support services for its projects. Clients are able to order a maintenance check or a repair in case of the equipment's failure. Qualified engineers are always ready to do a meticulous inspection of the device and fix all of its malfunctions. The company works in many areas of England such as London, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Its many branches help to deliver a swift and effective aid for clients with broken freezers.

2022-11-17 • Refrigeration installers


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